WatchSeries is currently one of the most important sources of online streaming in the world, with hundreds of thousands of people who are visiting the website everyday. These days there are thousands of streaming sites and it's very hard make a choice and decide which one you should trust and where you should spend your time while watching new movies online free and that's why today we want to talk a little bit about our free streaming platform called WatchSeries. The majority of you probably heard at least one time about our website. We've been online for a decade already and along this time there were tens of millions of people who surfed this site but they don't know too much informations about us. Now we are writing this because it's time for us to be transparent with the real fans who are taking a break from watching movies and series and give a little of their time to read our article.

We have started this project named WatchSeries because of a few important reasons. The first one of them is our pure passion for the online streaming and binge watching of tv series. Just like you do now, we also used to watch movies and tv shows online for free on the streaming sites many years ago. Unfortunately, we have observed how the quality of the movies they publish has been slowly but surely decreasing over time instead of increasing how it would be normal. At that time, we knew that we are able to offer better quality tv shows than everyone else. In fact, everybody could offer you high quality content but this also means more work and the owners of the streaming site were not willing to do so. We've created WatchSeries with a completely different mindset ever since the beginning and our target was to always offer Full HD movies and series and never neglect the quality and the browsing experience of our visitors. Yes, it was hard to work a double time than everyone else in this industry just to offer a better quality content when we seen bigger sites with crappy quality who made a lot of money by scamming innocent visitors but we always knew that some day all the hard work will worth it. Meantime, in these years, the technology advanced and people changed so now everyone want to watch high quality movies and episodes and the users don't want to waste time anymore on spammy sites. Now we can finally see that all the hard work that we put into creating WatchSeries to make it to be the perfect streaming site was worth it and we can enjoy the results. These days the low quality sites are set aside by the visitors who can't keep watching low quality movies on their big smart tvs or expensive smartphones and that's how WatchSeries became the most popular free streaming site in the world thanks to our impressive database with tens of thousands of movies and series that are available in the best possible quality without registration or advertising.

We are working hard everyday to offer our visitors the best experience while watching movies and episodes on WatchSeries. We are using a custom made design theme that fits perfectly this kind of platform and it's very easy to use even for somebody who never accessed a streaming website before. There is no need for a how to watch tutorial on WatchSeries, just browse through our massive collection which includes more than 15.000 movies, 2000 tv shows and 60.000 episodes, choose something good to watch and click the play button, that's all you have to do. Almost forgot to mention the fact that you don't have to use an adblocker anymore on WatchSeries because we have disabled any form of advertising. We are supporting the maintenance costs of this streaming platform from our own pockets and we are not earning anything from this website, we are just offering high quality movies and tv shows online for free because this is our passion. You can now enjoy a completely ad-free and smooth experience on WatchSeries while streaming your favorite content from the comfort of your home, on any devices, without being bothered by any annoying pops and ads.